Original Art Work

When I decided to become a professional artist, I also decided that every work I produce would be original – none of my work, even the cards I paint – are prints. Cross Originals means exactly that!

My painting has changed over the years. Initially, I used only watercolour, now I use acrylic and water-based oil as well. I have never wished to employ a 'house style' - the medium I choose, and how I wish to interpret the subject determine the finished outcome.

My pictures fall into three groupings.

Representational - where I use a 'traditional' type of interpretation, and the medium used can be any of the three mentioned above.


Abstracts - some I call semi-abstracts, where the subject is easily interpreted, but the subject matter is very stylised. Others more obviously abstract.These pictures are painted in a variety of mediums.




Montages - these pictures are largely planned on my favourite things. I organise the various subjects within the picture to form a composition which pleases me. So far, these pictures have been painted in acrylic, but who knows what the future holds?




Box canvases

Box canvases are rectangular wooden frames with canvas stretched over them. Occasionally, they are circular or oval in shape.

The box canvas, because of this construction, therefore has an area of canvas on the depth of each side. I prefer to continue the painting on the front around the sides, top and bottom. I do this for 2 reasons.

Occasionally, I paint a box canvas with a painted frame around the image, for example, the picture of Shadows and Reflections in Kirkcudbright Harbour (Representational Gallery)


Mounted and framed pictures

Since I exhibit both at home and in local galleries, many of my pictures are mounted and framed. I have included images of many of them on the website - including the mount and frame - but, except for the smallest of them, it is not feasible to post them in that state. If you wish to purchase one of these pictures, and a trip to the studio is not possible, then we can discuss the situation over the phone, and the picture sent as a mounted one. The price will naturally be adjusted to take account of the fact that the frame is not included.


My Galleries

The menu on the left will give you access to the three galleries of work I have on display here. Clicking on a small image in the gallery will let you see a larger version of the painting and you can browse through them easily. Under each image is a short description and a sale price if it is available for purchase.

I hope you enjoy looking through the virtual galleries.