About the Artist

I have been painting now for about 11 years. All my painting has been influenced by my love of nature. Despite being born and raised in the East End of London, where there was virtually no variety of birds and plants, and the local landscape was generously covered with bomb sites from the recent WWII, I seemed to have been born with a penchant to support and enjoy nature in all its forms. At 5 year's of age, I ran the class nature table. Most of my childhood into my teens was charcterised by reading and painting. At University, I read Botany, but then life took over. I married, started work as a science teacher, and had my daughter. Somehow, painting got lost until eleven year's ago, when I rediscovered this old love, and I have never looked back. Initially, I took part in group exhibitions as well as solo ones. I have had a long relationship not only with the Tolbooth Gallery in Kirkcudbright but also that in Castle Douglas. Nine years ago, I designed and built my own home/studio, which I also open to the public.

My painting has changed over the years. Initially, I used only watercolour, now I use acrylic and water-based oil as well. I have never wished to employ a 'house style' - the medium I choose, and how I wish to interpret the subject determine the finished outcome.

My pictures fall into three groupings.

Representational -

where I use a 'traditional' type of interpretation, and the medium used can be any of the three mentioned above.

Abstracts -

some I call semi-abstracts, where the subject is easily interpreted, but the subject matter is very stylised. Others more obviously abstract.These pictures are painted in a variety of mediums.

Montages -

these pictures are largely planned on my favourite things. I organise the various subjects within the picture to form a composition which pleases me. So far, these pictures have been painted in acrylic, but who knows what the future holds?

The only constants routinely in my work are those of nature and brilliant colour through which I have reclaimed the freedom of my childhood.


In a sense self-taught, I have studied under a variety of tutors from Dumfries and Galloway, and from Germany, France, Spain, Denmark and England.

I have successfully exhibited around the UK and my work has met with considerable admiration. I have also completed many commissions, many of them animal portraits and landscapes of houses.